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Location Region
Acoma Lincoln County
Adaven Nye County
Adverse White Pine County
Alamo Lincoln County
Alazon Elko County
Alkali Esmeralda County
Alpha Eureka County
Amargosa Valley Nye County
Amber Clark County
Andys Place Washoe County
Angle City Lincoln County
Apex Clark County
Arabia Pershing County
Arden Clark County
Argenta Lander County
Argo Lyon County
Arrolime Clark County
Arrowhead Clark County
Arthur Elko County
Ash Springs Lincoln County
Ashton Nye County
Atlanta Lincoln County
Austin Lander County
Avalon Mineral County
Awakening Humboldt County
Babbitt Mineral County
Baker White Pine County
Baltimore Mill White Pine County
Bannock Lander County
Barcelona Summit Nye County
Barclay Lincoln County
Bard Clark County
Barth Eureka County
Basalt Mineral County
Basic Nye County
Battle Mountain Lander County
Beatty Nye County
Beaverdam Lincoln County
Belmont Nye County
Beowawe Eureka County
Berlin Nye County
Big Trees Lincoln County
Blackburn Eureka County
Black Rock City Humboldt County
Black Springs Washoe County
Blair Esmeralda County
Bliss Humboldt County
Blue Diamond Clark County
Bonnie Claire Nye County
Bonnie Springs Clark County
Borax Clark County
Border Town Washoe County
Boulder City Clark County
Boulder Junction Clark County
Boyd Lincoln County
Boyer Churchill County
Bracken Clark County
Brennen Ranch Elko County
Bridge House Douglas County
Bristol Lincoln County
Brown Lincoln County
Brucite Nye County
Buckeye Douglas County
Buckhorn Eureka County
Buckingham Camp Lander County
Bull Fork Nye County
Bullion Elko County
Bunkerville Clark County
Cactus Springs Clark County
Caliente Lincoln County
Cal-Nev-Ari Clark County
Calumet White Pine County
Camp Desert Rock Nye County
Camp Douglas Mineral County
Candelaria Junction Mineral County
Canon City Lander County
Carlin Elko County
Carman Heights Douglas County
Carp Lincoln County
Carson City Carson City
Carson Hot Springs Carson City
Carson Rapids City Lyon County
Carson Valley Carson City
Carter Springs Douglas County
Carver Park Clark County
Carvers Nye County
Caselton Lincoln County
Caselton Heights Lincoln County
Centerville Douglas County
Charleston Elko County
Cherry Creek White Pine County
Churchill Lyon County
Clark Storey County
Clifside Elko County
Cluro Eureka County
Coaldale Esmeralda County
Coaldale Junction Esmeralda County
Cobre Elko County
Coin Elko County
Colado Pershing County
Cold Spring Lincoln County
Cold Springs Washoe County
Cold Springs Churchill County
Columbus Esmeralda County
Como Lyon County
Comus Humboldt County
Contact Elko County
Copper Basin Lander County
Copperfield Washoe County
Copper Flat White Pine County
Copper Run Mineral County
Cordero Humboldt County
Cortez Lander County
Corwin Eureka County
Cosgrave Pershing County
Coyote Hole Esmeralda County
Crescent Valley Eureka County
Cressid Churchill County
Crestline Lincoln County
Crossroads Lincoln County
Crows Nest Nye County
Crystal Nye County
Crystal Bay Washoe County
Crystal Springs Lincoln County
Currant Nye County
Currie Elko County
Darroughs Hot Springs Nye County
Darwin Lyon County
Daveytown Humboldt County
Davis Station Lyon County
Dayton Lyon County
Decoy Elko County
Deep Creek Elko County
Deep Hole Washoe County
Deeth Elko County
Delamar Lincoln County
Delaplain Elko County
Del Monte Mineral County
Denio Humboldt County
Denio Junction Humboldt County
Desert View Point Clark County
Dewitt Mill Lander County
Dike Clark County
Dinner Station Elko County
Divide Storey County
Dixie Churchill County
Dixie Valley Churchill County
Dodge Washoe County
Dolly Varden Elko County
Douglas White Pine County
Dresslerville Douglas County
Dry Creek Elko County
Dry Lake Clark County
Duckwater Nye County
Dunphy Eureka County
Dyer Esmeralda County
Dyke Humboldt County
East Ely White Pine County
Eastgate Churchill County
East Las Vegas Clark County
East Valley Douglas County
Eberhardt White Pine County
Eccles Lincoln County
Echo Elko County
Echo Bay Clark County
Edgewood Douglas County
Elburz Elko County
Elgin Lincoln County
Elko Elko County
Elk Point Douglas County
Ellison Humboldt County
Ely White Pine County
Empire Carson City
Empire Washoe County
Enterprise Clark County
Erie Clark County
Etna Lincoln County
Eunice Place Eureka County
Eureka Eureka County
Exploration Peak Park Clark County
Fallon Churchill County
Fallon Station Churchill County
Farmer Station Nye County
Farrier Clark County
Fenelon Elko County
Fernley Lyon County
Fiddlers Green Carson City
Fish Springs Douglas County
Fitting Pershing County
Flanigan Washoe County
Flat Nose Lincoln County
Fleish Washoe County
Fletcher Mineral County
Florence Hill Esmeralda County
Flowers Camp Nye County
Forks Station Esmeralda County
Franktown Washoe County
Frenchman Churchill County
Gabbs Nye County
Galt Lincoln County
Gardnerville Douglas County
Gardnerville Ranchos Douglas County
Garnet Clark County
Gemfield Esmeralda County
Genoa Douglas County
Gerlach Washoe County
Gerlach-Empire Washoe County
Getchell Humboldt County
Gilpin Storey County
Glassand Clark County
Glenbrook Douglas County
Glendale Washoe County
Glendale Clark County
Glenn White Pine County
Golconda Humboldt County
Gold Acres Lander County
Gold Center Nye County
Golden Arrow Nye County
Golden Valley Washoe County
Goldfield Esmeralda County
Gold Hill Storey County
Gold Hit Esmeralda County
Gold Point Esmeralda County
Gold Quartz Lander County
Goldyke Nye County
Goodsprings Clark County
Gouge Eye Humboldt County
Grand View Terrace Washoe County
Granite Point Pershing County
Grantsville Nye County
Grass Valley Lander County
Greens White Pine County
Green Springs White Pine County
Greenville Lyon County
Hadley Nye County
Hafed Washoe County
Halleck Elko County
Hamilton White Pine County
Happy Creek Station Humboldt County
Harney Eureka County
Hawthorne Mineral County
Hazen Churchill County
Helene Lincoln County
Henderson Clark County
Henry Elko County
Herrin Humboldt County
Hiko Lincoln County
Hilltop Lander County
Hogan Elko County
Hogum White Pine County
Holborn Elko County
Holbrook Junction Douglas County
Horseshoe Bend Lincoln County
Hot Creek Nye County
Hot Springs Nye County
Hoya Lincoln County
Humboldt Pershing County
Humboldt City Pershing County
Humboldt House Pershing County
Hunter Elko County
Huxley Churchill County
Imlay Pershing County
Incline Village Washoe County
Incline Village-Crystal Bay Washoe County
Indian Cove Lincoln County
Indian Hills Douglas County
Indian Springs Clark County
Ione Nye County
Islen Lincoln County
Jack Creek Elko County
Jack Creek Camp Elko County
Jackman Clark County
Jackpot Elko County
Jaggersville Mineral County
Jarbidge Elko County
Jean Clark County
Jenkins Lander County
Jessup Churchill County
Jiggs Elko County
Johnnie Nye County
Johnson Lane Douglas County
Joseco Lincoln County
Kampos Lander County
Keystone White Pine County
Keystone Junction White Pine County
Kimberly White Pine County
Kingsbury Douglas County
Kingsbury Meadows Douglas County
Kingsbury Village Douglas County
Kingston Lander County
Kinkaid Mineral County
Knight Humboldt County
Kodak Pershing County
Kyle Lincoln County
Kyle Canyon Summer Home Area Clark County
Kyle Hot Springs Pershing County
Labbe Camp Nye County
Lake Las Vegas Clark County
Lakeridge Douglas County
Lakeview Carson City
Lamoille Elko County
Lane City White Pine County
Las Vegas Clark County
Laughlin Clark County
Lavon White Pine County
Lawton Washoe County
Lee Elko County
Lee Canyon Summer Home Area Clark County
Leeville Eureka County
Lemmon Valley Washoe County
Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley Washoe County
Lida Esmeralda County
Lincoln City Clark County
Lincoln Park Douglas County
Lockes Nye County
Lockwood Storey County
Lodi Nye County
Lodi Tanks Nye County
Logan Creek Estates Douglas County
Logandale Clark County
Loray Elko County
Lovell Clark County
Lovelock Pershing County
Lower Rochester Pershing County
Lucky Jim Camp Clark County
Lund White Pine County
Luning Mineral County
Lux Lyon County
Majors Place White Pine County
Manhattan Nye County
Manse Nye County
Marie Camp Clark County
Marietta Mineral County
Mark Twain Estates Storey County
Martin Washoe County
Mason Lyon County
Massie Churchill County
McCoy Lander County
McDermitt Humboldt County
McGill White Pine County
McGill Junction White Pine County
McLeans Esmeralda County
Melandco Elko County
Mellan Nye County
Mendha Lincoln County
Mercury Nye County
Mesquite Clark County
Midas Elko County
Middlegate Churchill County
Midway Mineral County
Mill City Pershing County
Millers Esmeralda County
Millett Nye County
Mina Mineral County
Minden Douglas County
Mineral Eureka County
Mineral City White Pine County
Minerva White Pine County
Miriam Churchill County
Mizpah Elko County
Moapa Clark County
Moapa Town Clark County
Moapa Valley Clark County
Mogul Washoe County
Moleen Elko County
Montello Elko County
Montezuma Esmeralda County
Montezuma Wells Esmeralda County
Moor Elko County
Morey Nye County
Mosel Lander County
Mosier White Pine County
Mottsville Douglas County
Mound House Lyon County
Mountain City Elko County
Mountain's Edge Clark County
Mountain Springs Clark County
Mount Airy Lander County
Mount Charleston Clark County
Mount Montgomery Mineral County
Mud Springs Lincoln County
Mustang Washoe County
Mustang Ranch Storey County
Nashville Washoe County
Nellis Air Force Base Clark County
Nelson Clark County
New Empire Carson City
Newpass Churchill County
New Washoe City Washoe County
Nightingale Pershing County
Ninemile Rocks Lincoln County
Nivloc Esmeralda County
Nixon Washoe County
Nordyke Lyon County
North Battle Mountain Lander County
North Fork Elko County
North Las Vegas Clark County
Number One Settlement Elko County
Nyala Nye County
Oasis Elko County
Ocala Churchill County
Ola Elko County
Old Bullion Elko County
Old Camp Esmeralda County
Olinghouse Washoe County
Omco Mineral County
Oreana Pershing County
Orovada Humboldt County
Osceola White Pine County
Osino Elko County
Overton Clark County
Owyhee Elko County
Pactolus Nye County
Pahrump Nye County
Palisade Eureka County
Panaca Lincoln County
Panama Pershing County
Panther Valley Washoe County
Paradise Clark County
Paradise Hill Humboldt County
Paradise Valley Humboldt County
Parran Churchill County
Patrick Washoe County
Patsville Elko County
Pequop Elko County
Perth Pershing County
Petersons Mill Lander County
Phil Washoe County
Pilot Elko County
Pine Grove Lyon County
Pioche Lincoln County
Piute Lander County
Placerites Pershing County
Platora Humboldt County
Pleasant Valley Washoe County
Pleasant Valley Elko County
Pogonip White Pine County
Point of Rocks Elko County
Poker Brown Pershing County
Pony Springs Lincoln County
Preble Humboldt County
Preston White Pine County
Primeaux Eureka County
Primm Clark County
Prince Lincoln County
Pritchards Station Nye County
Proctor Elko County
Pronto Humboldt County
Pyramid Washoe County
Qualeys Camp Mineral County
Quinn River Crossing Humboldt County
Rachel Lincoln County
Raglan Humboldt County
Raleigh Heights Washoe County
Ralston Nye County
Ramsey Station Lyon County
Rawhide Mineral County
Red House Humboldt County
Reederville Washoe County
Reese River Nye County
Rennox Lander County
Reno Washoe County
Reno-Stead Washoe County
Reynard Washoe County
Rhyolite Nye County
Riepetown White Pine County
Ripley Clark County
Riverside Clark County
Rixies Eureka County
Roach Clark County
Rochester Pershing County
Rock House Elko County
Rock House Elko County
Rose Creek Humboldt County
Rose Valley Lincoln County
Rosny Lander County
Round Hill Douglas County
Round Mountain Nye County
Rowland Elko County
Rox Lincoln County
Ruby Hill Eureka County
Ruby Valley Elko County
Ruppes Place White Pine County
Ruth White Pine County
Rye Patch Pershing County
Ryndon Elko County
Sage Elko County
Saint Clair Churchill County
Salt Wells Churchill County
Sand Pass Washoe County
Sandy Mill Clark County
Sandy Valley Clark County
San Jacinto Elko County
Sano Washoe County
San Pedros Nye County
Schoer Place Elko County
Schurz Mineral County
Schweer Housing Area Mineral County
Scossa Pershing County
Scottys Junction Nye County
Scraper Springs Elko County
Searchlight Clark County
Shafter Elko County
Shannon Eureka County
Shanty Town Elko County
Sheepshead Washoe County
Sheridan Douglas County
Shermantown White Pine County
Shores Elko County
Shoshone White Pine County
Shoshone Eureka County
Silverbow Nye County
Silver City Lyon County
Silver Peak Esmeralda County
Silver Springs Lyon County
Silver Zone Elko County
Simpson Lyon County
Skyland Douglas County
Sloan Clark County
Smith Lyon County
Smith Valley Lyon County
Smoke Creek Washoe County
Sodaville Mineral County
Spanish Springs Washoe County
Sparks Washoe County
Spring Creek Elko County
Springdale Nye County
Spring Valley Clark County
Spruce Elko County
Sprucemont Elko County
Stagecoach Lyon County
Stateline Douglas County
Stateline Esmeralda County
Steamboat Washoe County
Steigmeyer Mill Nye County
Steptoe White Pine County
Stewart Carson City
Stewarts Point Clark County
Stillwater Churchill County
Stine Lincoln County
Stonehouse White Pine County
Strawberry Hill Lincoln County
Sugar Bunker Nye County
Sulfur Lyon County
Sulphur Humboldt County
Summerlin South Clark County
Summit Village Douglas County
Sundown Lincoln County
Sundown Town Washoe County
Sunnyside Nye County
Sunrise Manor Clark County
Sun Valley Washoe County
Sutcliffe Washoe County
Sutro Lyon County
Swedes Place Washoe County
Sylvania Esmeralda County
Tahoe Village Douglas County
Talapoosa Lyon County
Tecoma Elko County
Tempiute Lincoln County
Tenabo Lander County
Texas Acres Clark County
The Crossing Esmeralda County
Thisby Washoe County
Thomas Place Eureka County
Thorne Mineral County
Tippett White Pine County
Tokop Esmeralda County
Tonka Elko County
Tonkin Eureka County
Tonopah Nye County
Tonopah Junction Mineral County
Topaz Lake Douglas County
Topaz Ranch Estates Douglas County
Toulon Pershing County
Trego Pershing County
Trinity Churchill County
Tulasco Elko County
Tule Humboldt County
Tungsten Pershing County
Tuscarora Elko County
Twain Pershing County
Twelvemile House Douglas County
Twin Flat Lyon County
Tybo Nye County
Tyrol Elko County
Tyrolian Village Washoe County
Union Eureka County
Unionville Pershing County
Ursine Lincoln County
Ute Clark County
Valley Clark County
Valley View Nye County
Valmy Humboldt County
Ventosa Elko County
Verdi Washoe County
Verdi-Mogul Washoe County
Virginia City Storey County
Virginia City Highlands Storey County
Vista Washoe County
Vivian Elko County
Vya Washoe County
Wabuska Lyon County
Wadsworth Washoe County
Walker Lake Mineral County
Walleys Hot Springs Douglas County
Wann Clark County
Warm Springs White Pine County
Warm Springs Nye County
Washington Nye County
Washoe City Washoe County
Wedekind Washoe County
Weed Heights Lyon County
Weepah Esmeralda County
Welcome Elko County
Wellington Lyon County
Wellington Springs Lyon County
Wells Elko County
Weso Humboldt County
West Reno Washoe County
West Spring Esmeralda County
West Wendover Elko County
Whitney Clark County
Wichman Lyon County
Wilkins Elko County
Williams Cabin Elko County
Willow Grove White Pine County
Wimer Place Washoe County
Winchester Clark County
Winnemucca Humboldt County
Woolsey Pershing County
Yankee Blade Lander County
Yerington Lyon County
Zenobia Washoe County
Zephyr Cove Douglas County
Zephyr Cove-Round Hill Village Douglas County